Cycles, Disney Animation’s first VR short, world premiered in August at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, it will be shown for first the time in Europe at b’Ars. You’ll be able to get into an immersive experience that show the life of a house over several decades. An intimate portrait of one family’s 50-year history.

From first-time director Jeff Gipson (lighting artist, “Frozen,” “Zootopia,” “Ralph Breaks the Internet”), “Cycles” centers around the true meaning of creating a home and the life it holds inside its walls.

The idea for the film is personal, inspired by Jeff Gipson’s childhood spending time with his grandparents and creating memories in their home, and later, having to move them to an assisted living residence. “Every house has a story unique to the people, the characters who live there,” says Gipson. “We wanted to create a story in this single place and be able to have the viewer witness life happening around them. It is an emotionally driven film, expressing the real ups and downs, the happy and sad moments in life.”



A look at the creative  “The Gateway“.

(Only on Saturday, 1st December)


You can enjoy the VR experience on Friday 30th and Saturday 1st. at the VR Area (Planta B, Sala C) of Disseny Hub Barcelona.



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