Max Rocchetti – EDI : A look at the creative and technical workflow of “the Gateway”: or how to hype your brand thru VR.


Max joined George Lucas VFX Company, Industrial Light & Magic, in 1997. As a lead vfx artist he contributed to ground breaking work on many high profile movies including Star Wars, Pearl Harbor, Minority Report and The Harry Potter franchise. His work has been featured on prestigious filmmaking magazines such as “American Cinematographer”. After almost 7 years at ILM, he returned to Europe and steered his career towards directing. During his commercial carrier he was honoured with a Cannes Lion Award, and directed numerous commercials around the world working for clients like Nestle, Hyundai, Bulgari, Volkswagen and Sky Networks.
As head of EVE, the immersive media unit at EDI, he’s now focused on creating breathtaking immersive experiences for global brands.

Max will show us the making of and technical workflow of the VR experience “The Gateway”.

Edi is the largest and longest running visual effects house in Italy.
Since 2001, they’ve managed to bring a new perspective, a smarter, more production oriented way of doing things.
From pioneering photogrammetry techniques to creating elemental creatures they helped all kinds of directors realize their visions thru their constant search for excellence.
After 15 years in the business they are ready to push the boundaries a little further with the EVE unit: a new division designed specifically to explore the creative opportunities offered by the immersive media and real time technology.

Conference in English.

Friday 30th November, 17.30 – 18.30 (Auditori)


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