Craig Lyn : “When the Show’s Over. Life After Visual Effects”


Formerly at Industrial Light + Magic in Northern California as well as Framestore in London England, Craig is a seasoned veteran of many a fantastic and less critically acclaimed feature film projects. He’s also best selling author, magazine columnist, writer and director. In recent days, he’s now a founding partner of Lyn Weber Workshops.

Initially focused on the arts rather than sciences, Craig graduated with a degree in English Literature from American University in Washington DC. Following Kerouac’s route westward to San Francisco, he found himself in the midst of the first Internet revolution. With many nascent technologies coming of age, rather than joining the masses rushing into the world of high tech start ups, Craig headed down the rabbit hole of computer based film visual effects.

Armed with a modicum of talent and an entirety of luck, he was fortunate enough to find himself in the employ of Industrial Light + Magic, the first and foremost visual effects company in the world. With the same artists that created Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars, Craig learned to birth dragons, fly spacecraft, and build worlds. After a few years with the now infamous Rebel Unit, Craig emigrated away from the Bay Area to the warmer climes of London England to further his film career. Seven years later and with a credit list spanning film franchises such as Batman, Harry Potter, X-Men, and Aliens as well as an Emmy Award and Oscar shortlist nomination, Craig returned to California, this time Los Angeles, to lay down permanent roots.

After too many long shoots in distant locations away from his fledgling family, change was inevitable. Like before, instead of following the conventional, Craig chose the less ordinary path. He’s currently creating a wide range of beautifully designed and meticulously crafted products that build on his skill sets developed in the world of visual effects.

Award wining visual effects supervisor Craig Lyn discusses his tumultuous path through the film industry. A story that starts from the very beginning as an artist on a box and how he worked his way up through the ranks. And finally the motivation behind his decision to transition sideways into a different career of product design and manufacturing. A discussion of the core technical, creative, and organizational skill sets required in the VFX industry and how these very same skills are applicable to careers outside the world of feature film.

Conference in English.

Saturday 1st December, 18.45 – 19.45 (Auditori)



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