Agustín Serna – Twin Pines : “Making the insane world of VFX shot tracking and management sane with ftrack”


Agustín Serna is like a Swiss Army knife in postproduction, working in many fields for the past 13 years.
His roles have gone from digitising HDCAM tape for the series “Aquila Roja” in the early years of his career to being Postproduction Supervisor/Coordinator for Avalon (Production and Distribution company based in Madrid) for a good 7 years, working on films like “Mapa” and “Todos Están Muertos” while also coordinating the materials on the distribution side of the company on films like “Holy Motors”, “Searching for Sugar Man” and “Son of Saul”. He has also been Materials Coordinator for Movistar+ and their endeavour into the world of content production on series like “The Zone”, “Félix” and “Gigantes”, just to name a few.
His transition into the world of VFX is log overdue. After working as a VFX editor for Pantelion Films on the film “No Manches Frida”, his only goal has been to dive head first into this fascinating new world. One full of high-end workflows and complex pipelines.
Today he works at Twin Pines as VFX editor.

VFX Editor from Twin Pines, Agustín Serna will give a real-world example of the collaboration and shot management tools available in ftrack so that shot management in a high-end television drama doesn’t make you insane. While also showing the deep integration between ftrack and Foundry’s hugely popular compositive software Nuke Studio.


Twin Pines. Since our creation in 2008 here in Twin Pines we are passionate about one thing and that one thing is without a doubt VFX. Each new production becomes a great challenge for our team formed of 35+ professionals from various fields. Twin Pines was born and thrives on the passion from this team which is capable of giving their all with great results.  That’s why in the past years we have been capable of participating on projects such as “The Plague”, “The Zone”, “The Promise”, “Orbiter 9” and “Zip & Zape and the Captain’s Island” among others. And that is how we grow, little by little and project to project.


ftrack is a scalable cloud-based project management solution used in the media & entertainment industry to help creative teams meet the ever-increasing demands of production tracking. Created with producers, supervisors, artists and pipeline developers in mind, ftrack provide the tools you need to manage your creative projects from start to finish.

ftrack has thousands of users in over 60 countries working in animation, episodic TV, feature film, game cinematics, marketing & advertising, product design and virtual reality projects. The flexibility and production-proven toolset has led ftrack to be adopted by major creative studios around the world including: IKEA, LEGO, Cinesite, Luma Pictures, MPC, The Mill, Mackevision, Ubisoft and more.

Conference in English

Saturday 1st December, 12.30 – 13.30 (Auditori)





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