Jesus Rodríguez Nieto – DNEG : “State of the art animation and rigging tools for VFX and Feature animation”


Jesus (Chus) Rodríguez Nieto has worked as a Software developer at DNEG for over four years, more recently as a lead of a small team in R&D. His research focuses on rigging and animation for VFX and Feature animation. Previously, after obtaining his master degree in Computer Sciences at UPC-BarcelonaTech (2011), he started his PhD on rigging in Barcelona (UPC), developing a new paradigm for rigging based on natural artist sketching. He has also worked as a researcher in computer vision, and software developer in several other companies. His aim is to bridge the gap between research and production, to bring together technology and art in Computer Graphics.

Quality and complexity in film productions are constantly increasing, demanding more from artists and the technology supporting them. Quick turnarounds have become a normal workflow for modern productions, making real time a critical feature for any production tool. Games technology presents a great source to learn from and will definitely play a big role in the evolution of film workflows. In this talk tries to present the state of the art in technology for rigging and animation, which strategies are being used in big studios to improve their animation workflows, and the path the industry might be following in the coming years.

Conference in english

Saturday, 1st December, 16.15 – 17.15 (Auditori)




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