Jordi Cardús – ILM : “Ready Player One”


Jordi Cardus began his career 18 years ago and is currently living in Barcelona. Having worked at companies such as MPC, Digital Domain and Industrial Light + Magic, for almost 2 decades, Jordi has accumulated experience that goes hand in hand with the recent evolution of the film industry. Having worked in over 40 films, from Troy to Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, Arrdman’s Wallace and Gromit, more than a few Harry Potter films, Ender’s Game or Disney’s Maleficent, Jordi has worked in various capacities, responsible for driving technology and artistry, helping develop production management and work directly with clients.

Recently, Jordi worked as CG Supervisor for Industrial Light + Magic, on a range of feature film franchises such as Marvel Avengers, StarWars as well as unique films such as Ready Player One , the recent Marvel’s Antman and the Wasp or the upcoming Netflix feature film BirdBox.


Jordi Cardus – CG Supervisor – Presenting ILM Singapore’s Ready Player One.

Come see a behind the scenes look at how ILM brought the world of Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg to life, whilst discovering the hidden Gem of Singapore. From Iron Giant, to a Delorean, zombies and a look at the making of a homage to Stanley Kubrick’s – The Shinning- together, with characters designed to fit in a world of pure imagination.

After 18 years of working around the world, from United Kingdom to Canada to USA, Jordi moved to Singapore looking for a unique experience. A futuristic environment, a melting pot of unique cultures and how it all ultimately influenced the approach for some work on Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One film adaptation.

Conference in English.

Saturday, 15.00 – 16.00 (Auditori)


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