Phil Tippett

30/11/2018 – UPDATE: The final conference of b’Ars 2018 will consist of an exclusive screening of Phil Tippett’s “Mad God” and a conference by long-time collaborator Miguel Ángel Fuertes. Regretfully, Tippett missed his flight due to external causes and is discussing the possibility of a Skype Q&A. We’ll keep you updated and we apologize for any inconveniences.

Phil Tippett will be giving the last talk on Saturday, 1 December at b’Ars 2018.

Phil Tippett has received the prestigious George Melies Award for Pioneering in the realm of Visual Effects  by the Visual Effects Society, as well as this highest festival honors at the German Film Museum of Frankfurt among others.

He is the founder and namesake of Tippett Studio. His varied career in visual effects has spanned more than 40 years and includes 2 Academy Awards, 6 Academy Award nominations, 1 BAFTA, 4 BAFTA nominations, 2 Emmys and the advent of modern digital effects in motion pictures.

Conference in English.

Saturday 1st December, 20.00 – 21.30 (Auditori)


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