Interview with Mahmoud Rahnama, VFX Supervisor and head of the Toronto Pixomondo Studio


Mahmoud Rahnama is a VFX Supervisor and head of the Toronto Studio. Throughout his career Mahmoud has worked on various feature films, TV series and video games.
Mahmoud is also a teacher and has been teaching Visual Effects for film and television for more than 12 years.




b’Ars: TV shows such as “Star Trek: Discovery” have a way tighter production schedule than a feature. How do you handle the potential hurdles involved in this?

Mahmoud Rahnama: Unlike feature films, TV series have a very tight schedule, as you mentioned. So we have to develop a new workflow, basically try to be as efficient as possible and try to come up with new ways of speeding up the process for our deliveries.


b’Ars: How does the communication process with the writers and producers inform your work?

Mahmoud Rahnama: We work pretty close with the producers and writers. We have direct communication with them, they give us the script and tell us what they’re expecting. Then we do a version, send it to them and get feedback.


b’Ars: What’s your proudest moment working on the show?

Mahmoud Rahnama: I would say when the pilot aired. The feedback we got from the fans was pretty satisfying, so that was a good moment.


b’Ars: “Star Trek” is such an iconic universe and franchise. How do adapt to its mythology while still updating it and keeping your work innovative?

Mahmoud Rahnama: We have Star Trek consultants at Pixomondo who will guide us through this journey, as you call it, just to make sure we stay on course. We have to stay true to everything that was previously established and maintain the original concepts, but for the new elements we have creative freedom. We obviously talk directly to the experts, but there’s a lot of room for innovation there.


b’Ars: Final question: anything we can expect from future episodes?

Mahmoud Rahnama: You’ll just have to wait a bit more!


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