Workshop: “Acting for animators” by Antonio Morcillo

Tips and secrets on acting and performance that help animators create believable, living and breathing characters. We will work concepts related to body expression, gesture and physicality as a vehicle to describe emotions.


We will focus on:
– Giving tools to the animator in order to perform a personal work, concerning the expression of emotions in VFX and animation field.
– Getting the animator closer to the difficulties of acting.
– Increasing one’s body self-awareness, gesture and facial expression of emotions.
– Learning how to work with oneself.

Date: December 6th, Friday, 2019
Time: 10,00 to 14,00
Room: Aula A (planta -1)
Disseny Hub Barcelona, Plaça de les Glòries, 37 (Barcelona)
Fees: 25€ students – 50€ professionals
Seats:15 max.
Tutor: Antonio Morcillo
Language: Spanish and catalan

* Attendees will be able to receive a number of documents summarising the course content and allowing them to deepen their knowledge with onward self-study.

Tutor: Antonio Morcillo

Antonio is an author and theatre director trained at Institut del teatre in Barcelona and the University of the Basque Country. He has published and premiered several plays. In addition, Antonio has directed plenty of theatre shows, such as Freeze the Nipple (RBLS-Teatre Tantarantana Festival, 2018), Bangkok (Villarroel Hall of Barcelona and CDN in Madrid, 2015) and Hipòlit o la mirada d’Hipòlit (Teatre de Vallromanes, 2013). He currently teaches creative writing and oral communication. At present, he also has extensive experience in acting final performance at Catalonia Film School and Complot Escénico.

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