Open talk: The Artist and the Industry by Andrew Brassington from Escape Studios

This presentation will address some of the main issues faced by artists when they enter the VFX and Animation industries and will hopefully better prepare them for the demands and rigours of working effectively in a team on major projects.

It will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding how to balance the sensibilities of the artist with the financial demands of working in a sustainable business
  • Working effectively with your Producer and wider Production team
  • Working more effectively with other artists and departments
  • Negotiating wages and understanding how much you are worth
  • Understanding the wider Industry and how your role fits into it
  • Your professional responsibilities and moral principles


Date: December 6th, Friday, 2019
Time: 15:00-16:00
Room: Floor -1
Language: English



Andrew Brassington is the Head of Strategic Projects at Escape Studios in London.

Andrew led on the design of our Producing for VFX course, drawing on his own experiences in production, teaching and course development. He worked with our industry partners, such as Framestore and Electric Theatre Collective, to ensure the course covered all of the main skills and topics required to pursue a career as a producer in the VFX Industry.

Andrew has also helped to develop a number of other short courses in the last 3 years including Motion Graphics and Cinematography for VFX (on-set VFX). He is currently in the process of developing a 12 week/ 18 week/ MA in VFX/Games/Animation Production


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