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About b’Ars

b’Ars, Barcelona International Arts & VFX Fair, is a highly specialized fair that wants to give VFX industry a new focus by gathering the industry’s best creative talent in a fun playful way.

The Event is aimed at both professionals and students, with a focus on the artistry of the film-making process and cloud VFX production.


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  • John Knoll
    John Knoll 40 Years of ILM
  • Christian Alzmann
    Christian Alzmann Concept Art for VFX: The ILM Art Department
  • Victor Navone
    Victor Navone Inside 'Inside Out'
  • Grangel Studio
    Grangel Studio 23 Years of Characters
  • Alessandro Jacomini
    Alessandro Jacomini Lighting & Rendering the Imaginary Worlds of 'Big Hero 6', 'Frozen' and 'Feast'
  • David Short
    David Short Making Functional Creatures
  • Alvise Avati
    Alvise Avati How to be an Animator and Still be Happy
  • Colin Doncaster
    Colin Doncaster Yeti Mastercalss
  • Nikolai Lockertsen
    Nikolai Lockertsen The Studio in your Pocket - Digital Painting on mobile Devices
  • Ryan Church
    Ryan Church Film Design
  • Eamon Butler
    Eamon Butler Cooking Beans - Making Cinesite's 1st Animation Short
  • Virginie Bourdin
    Virginie Bourdin Succesful Creative Decisions
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