What is b’Ars?

b’Ars, Barcelona International Arts & VFX Fair, is a highly specialized VFX and filmmaking fair that wants to give to the VFX industry a new focus by gathering the industry’s creative talent in a fun and playful way.
VFX, Animation, Video games, TV productions, VR…: every aspect of the digital content production is in full expansion and b’Ars past editions want to confirm its presence as a meeting point for the general public, students and professionals.

“In these four editions, we have had talents from
all the biggest names in the business.”

We are proud to say that b’Ars editions have surpassed everyone’s expectations and we feel now the (positive) pressure to confirm the quality of speakers and respond to the growing enthusiasm around our sector.

With b’Ars, we want to showcase to fine arts and design, as well as programming talents; that there’s a possible career in a fascinating field, constantly growing. VFX, Animation, CGI, Videogames, Multimedia, Digital Mapping, Virtual Reality, Apps: all share the same basic principles: an equal measure of Art & Technology. They also share the same stages: concept Art, technical project, animation, rendering.

In these four editions, we have had talents from PIXAR, ILM, DISNEY, GRANGEL Studios and all the biggest names in the business, like John Knoll, Richard Williams, Ryan Church (StarWars, Star Trek), Colin Doncaster (Lord of the Rings, Avatar), Adam Valdez (The Jungle Book), Christian Alzmann (StarWars), with presentations that covered the likes of Video Games, Animation, VFX in all their aspects: from the artistic creation and design to its technical implementation.

As part of our effort, we have improved b’Ars job fair, where we have a stunning participation of companies, making it one of the biggest in Europe, creating a bridge between local talent and the biggest and most successful companies around the world.

Last but not least, the part for the general public (Sunday, free entrance) with workshops from Grangel Studio, the greatly successful Pepon Negre or a kids-friendly presentation made by Disney’s Alessandro Jacomini, where children and families had access to the VFX concepts, in a playful way.

All in all, b’Ars is trying to establish in Barcelona, as one of the best Animation & VFX meeting points in the world.

Board of directors

Felix Balbas, the current Director of b’Ars; together with and International board of directors programmes the activities and conferences of each edition. The team is composed by top producers and professionals from the world of visual effects and film.

  • Marjolaine Tremblay
    Marjolaine Tremblay Creative director and VFX Producer at Rodeo FX
  • Robin Saxen
    Robin Saxen VFX producer
  • David Short
    David Short Creature Specialist
  • Christian Kaestner
    Christian Kaestner VFX supervisor
  • Colin Doncaster
    Colin Doncaster Head of I&D at Peregrine Labs
  • Alvise Avati
    Alvise Avati How to be an Animator and Still be Happy



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