Atomic Fiction – Evolving vfx post-production into 2017 – Laurent Taillefer


  • Vfx post-production is an ever-changing field. Tools, production schemes, budgetary contexts and client demands are constantly evolving. Atomic Fiction offers several examples of adaptation to these, allowing for this mid-sized studio to compete efficiently with larger facilities on large-scale projects.
  • This talk will detail a few production cases to illustrate how we incorporate these changes as part of our workflow. We'll start with a brief history of Atomic Fiction, and how the early 'boutique' philosophy established the foundation for our growth. The opening of the Montreal office made it possible to take it to a larger scale, while preserving the importance of in-house training, small-team communication, flexible yet robust pipeline tools and direct communication.
  • Our work on Deadpool's opening sequence is a milestone in that regard. We'll look at how the complex large-scale environments were managed across both studios in an efficient way, while photoreal characters were being animated to the highest standards. Our early use of cloud-rendering (through our sibling company solution, Conductor) allowed us to deliver the show without suffering the usual budgetary constraints, and made it possible to stay within the creative realm until the last days.
  • Robert Zemeckis's Allied illustrates a more confidential scope of work, dealing with amounts of invisible effects, one of Atomic Fiction's strong skills. Operating on the production side, we'll use this project to discuss work on the set design side, and how several smart solutions made the film possible at a low, independent film budget cost
  • Finally, the work on Ghost In The Shell showcases the challenges of shared assets and shots across different studios, which is becoming standard this year. Early adoption of standard interchange formats, workflow designs and processes we incorporate allow us to be very reactive in this context, and jump in to the rescue even very late in the production cycle.
Laurent Taillefer


  • Laurent Taillefer is Head of 3d and a CG Supervisor at Atomic Fiction.
  • As a kid, he was fascinated by effects in movies such as “Tron,” “Star Wars,” “Close Encounters,” and “The Abyss”, spending countless hours trying to figure out how they were achieved, often times finding these discoveries to be more exciting than the films themselves.
  • This led Laurent to film school and the computer graphics department, during which he got his start as an intern on scientific films. He went on to be a generalist on small shows; this experience would be invaluable as he moved into the technical director role on larger projects, focusing on broader pipeline challenges.
  • One thing leading to another, het got involved into studio-wide setups and pipeline development, taking part in the establishment of several studios.
  • After several years, Laurent decided to come back to shot work as a CG Supervisor, which offered a balance between the technical and creative aspects of production.
  • In addition to "Star Trek: Beyond" and “Deadpool”, his credits include "Allied", “The Walk,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”


  • It is a 1h Conference, with 30 minutes Q&A.
  • This Conference will be in ENGLISH.


Jun 09 2017


06:15 PM - 07:45 PM
Caixa Forum


Caixa Forum
Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, 08038, Barcelona



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