Axis Animation – Dawn of War


  • " Axis creates a surreal, lucid nightmare for Relic Games Dawn of War"

  • Dawn of War III is the newest addition to the Warhammer 40,000 series the military science-fiction, real-time strategy video game developed by Relic Entertainment.

  • Heavily influenced by the works of the surrealist painter, Beksinski, Axis created world of destruction and darkness set in a bleak, hazy landscape. Relic and Axis consciously treaded off the beaten path as often as possible in our approach to the project.

  • Journey through the design process from concept to final delivery. Explore the work behind the project, the constraints we overcame and the clever solutions we used to achieve the results we wanted.

Hudson Martins – Head of FX
Caleb Bouchard – Producer


  • Hudson makes sparks fly at Axis Studios – he’s the brains behind the complex, swirling, beautiful FX witnessed across many of our projects. Born in Brazil, with a greater interest for computers than football, he moved to Sweden and studied to become an Industrial Engineer. He switched to Computer Graphics and never looked back. At Axis Studios he manages the FX team (also known as the X-TEAM), delivering stunning FX for projects like Halo. He consistently pushed the bar, finding new ways to deliver the highest quality in eye-opening visuals.


  • Caleb uses his extensive background in design, animation, and post production to deliver Axis Studios’ projects to the highest artistic standard. Before Axis, Caleb spent eight years guiding a start-up Canadian animation company from 2 employees to 20, tackling animation, title sequences, game cinematics and more while also supervising a bustling post production facility. He brings this experience to Axis Studios, marrying his knowledge of various mediums and production styles with his technical ability and artistic eye to manage a broad spectrum of projects. Outside of work he collaborates with musicians and DJs to create innovative audiovisual experiences under the name &/OR.


  • Founded in 2000, Axis is an award-winning, international studio of directors, designers, artists, animators, writers and producers that creates content for the biggest names in video games, film, television, commercials and online entertainment.
  • Today Axis is made up of three different creative teams: Axis, Flaunt and axisVFX. Although the output and artistic styles differ greatly across each of our studios, the aims are unshakably the same. Be distinctive. Be insightful. Be challenging.
  • As a creative team, we go out of our way to get under the skin of every project and deliver beyond client expectations. We are passionate about our craft, and we challenge ourselves to leave a lasting impression with every piece of work.
  • No matter the client, brand, genre or delivery platform, our creative output is distinctive, engaging and entertaining.
  • Accordingly, Axis has won numerous industry accolades, including: a prestigious Cannes Gold Lions Award, New York Festival Awards, D&AD nominations, London International Awards, Promax Awards and a Best Animation BAFTA.


  • It is a 1h Conference, with 30 minutes Q&A.
  • This Conference will be done in ENGLISH.


Jun 10 2017


06:30 PM - 08:00 PM
Caixa Forum


Caixa Forum
Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, 08038, Barcelona



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