From Script to VFX

4 hour workshop. A VFX journey form early script development to the creative and technical challenges of delivering footage VFX artists. Explore the intricacies of script breakdowns, the ins and outs of pre-productions and on-set supervising, to the initial start of post-production.

If you want to have the vision of an excellent VFX producer like Marjolaine and learn about all the process involved in the production of VFX films of any kind you can’t miss this opportunity.

About Marjolaine:

Marjolaine Tremblay has over twenty years of experience in the animation and visual effects industry. In 2010 she joined RodeoFX out of LA office as VFX Bidding Producer/ VFX Supervisor. She specializes in the early development phases of the VFX projects, managing the client’s creative and technical expectations. She focuses on breaking down script, creating concepts, budgeting and recommending methodologies for both the shooting and post production processes. She also does on-set supervision. Her most resent project includes Now You See Me, Warcraft (reshoot), The Shack and Central Intelligence.
She studied Film Animation at Concordia University and Computer Graphics at the NAD center in Montreal. She started her career in commercials and animated TV series and soon made her way to the animation department of Industrial, Light and Magic where she both animated and lead the animation team on various projects such as Men In Black, The Mummy Returns, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Star Wars: Episode 1. She has also worked at ElementFX as CEO/Creative Director of the company and freelance in the industry for a few years.

[She is currently serving in Producer’s Guild international Committee and has also served as Chair of the Bay Area Section of the Visual Effects Society and was also part of the advisory committee for both Sheridan College and E’Xpression College. ]

Marjolaine TremblayCreative Director/ VFX Bidding Producer


Warcraft (Visual Effects Supervisor/Bidding Producer)
The Shack (Visual Effects Supervisor/ Bidding Producer)
Bad Santa 2 – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
The Promise – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Element (Divergent) – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
The Space Between Us – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Central intelligence – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Story of Your Life – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
By the Sea – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Gods of Egypt – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Kong (3D) – Line Producer/Creative Director (Pigmental Studios)
Household Pest – Line Producer/Creative Director (Pigmental Studios)
The Last Witch Hunter – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Fast and Furious 7 – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Birdman – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
In The Heart of the Sea – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Black Sails Season 3 – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Lucy – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Edge of Tomorrow – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Pain and Gain – Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Pacific Rim – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
An Enemy – Senor Staff (RodeoFX)
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Jerusalem IMAX 3D – Senior Staff – Creative Director/VFX Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Now You See Me – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Senior Staff(RodeoFX)
Jack The Giant Killer (3D) – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Chevy Volt (online) – Senior Staff- Creative Director/Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Camay (Agency creative pitch) – Creative Director (RodeoFX)
Naturella Ayanna Prints and Commercial – Creative Director/Director (RodeoFX)
Fox Network TV Campaigns – Creative Director (RodeoFX)
NHL All Star Print Campaign – Creative Director (RodeoFX)
Xmess (Feature Animation) – Director (Pitch & Development)
Seeking Marlo (live action short) – Director (Pitch & Development)
Mirror, Mirror – VFX Bidding Producer (RodeoFX)
Underworld 4 (3D) – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
The Amazing Spider-Man – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Red Tail – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
The Muppets – VFX Creative Consultant
The 3 Musketeers (3D) – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Immortals (3D) – Senior Staff (RodeoFX)
Film District Identity (3D stereoscopic/Imax) – Director/Producer (Film District)
Passion Play – Animation Consultant (Whodoo VFX)
Priest – Animation Consultant (Spypost/Fotokem)
Luban – Development Director (Starz Film Roman)
Bratz – Development Director (Starz Film Roman)
Untitled Oz Project – Director/Bidding Producer (Reliance MediaWork)
Without (short) – VFX Supervisor/Producer (elementFX)
Underworld 3 – Senior Staff (elementFX)
Get Smart – Senior Staff (elementFX)
Rush Hour 3 – Senior Staff (elementFX)
Golden Compass – Senior Staff (elementFX)
The Life Before Her Eyes – VFX Supervisor (elementFX)
Planet Terror – Senior Staff (elementFX)
Invincible – Senior Staff (elementFX)
Shark Boy and Lava Girl – Producer/Digital Artist (elementFX)
The Darwin Awards – VFX Supervisor/2nd Unit Director (elementFX)
The Californians – VFX Plate Supervisor (Digit Entertainment)
Son of the Mask – Sr. Animator (ILM)
Van Helsing – Sr. Animator (ILM)
Lenny the Wonder Dog – VFX Supervisor (Digit Entertainment)
Peter Pan – Animator (ILM)
Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones– Sr. Animator (ILM)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – Sr. Animator (ILM)
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – Sr. Animator (ILM)
Hulk – Previs Artist (ILM)
The Time Machine – Sr. Animator (ILM)
The Mummy Returns – Lead Animator (ILM)
Magnolia – Lead Animator (ILM)
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – Lead Animator (ILM)
Men in Black – Digital Effects Animator (ILM)
101 Dalmatians – Digital Character Animator (ILM)
Jumanji – Computer Graphics Animator (ILM)

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