The Magic of Story Boarding

Spend 4 wonderful hour workshop with this funny and talented Director, Animator, Story Boarder, Illustrator, character Designer… and learn his approach and techniques for storytelling and story boarding.

About Rudi:

I have been working for over 25 years in animation. I worked as a 2D and 3D animator for feature film and created, directed, storyboarded and character-designed for television.

I am currently working at Disney as a storyboard-artist on Lionguard. I also have boarded on:
“Penn Zero”
“TUFF Puppy” (storyboard-director)
“Fairly Odd Parents”
“Monster and Robot”
“Penguins of Madagascar” season 1-3

Whenever I find time, I develop my own projects.

My happy place is the swimmingpool. I have been swimming with the “Masters” for nearly 10 years now. You won’t be able to have lunch with me, because I am most likely in the water.

Check out Rudi’s website here

Rudi BlossDirector, Animator, Illustrator, Designer... this guy makes everything!
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