Virtual Production

A look at the entire pipeline, from pre-visualization, on-set real time visualization, motion control, character animation, and post production camera tracking.


Richard’s Bio:

Richard is an industry leader, and pioneer in the development of virtual production technologies, pipelines, and studio facilities. With over 26 years’ experience he is has been instrumental in creating some of the most complex in-camera cinematography.

His career began at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop – UK, in control systems engineering, and he quickly became one of the founding team members of their ground breaking computer graphics department. Recording the world’s first human and animal optical motion capture data for feature films and commercial video games, he developed many of the techniques that are still in use today.

From robotic engineering for Babe, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Loch Ness, through to breathing life into the horses for Red Dead Redemption video game, Richard has continued to push the creative boundaries of what is technically achievable.  He helped create the Universal Studios’ WIZARDING WORLD OF POTTER Theme Park utilizing his own virtual camera and motion control technologies, as well as enabling otherwise unshootable camera-work for projects including Hansel & Gretel, Wolfman, Angels & Demons, and more.

Richard also consults on government level projects including developing ground breaking tools for Forensic Analysis and is a key-note speaker in AR and VR at conferences worldwide.

Richard Widgery Virtual Production Supervisor
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