El Ministerio del Tiempo

EL MINISTERIO DEL TIEMPO plunged USER t38 deep into the world of Spanish fiction series. USER t38 was involved right from series pre-production, actively collaborating with the art department, through to delivery of the final broadcast master; and can therefore be said to have played a fundamental part in the series’ conception. We are proud of the results and the good reviews received, and whilst we know there is still a way to go to match the work-flow of international series, we are catching up.

The second season posed the greatest postproduction challenge as there were many more episodes with heavier VFX content and a large number of action sequences that had to be perfectly choreographed. Despite the enormity of the work involved, we didn’t shy away from the task, rather the opposite; we gathered our strength, put our best foot forward and the final result couldn’t be better.

Thanks to the support of its fans, or ministéricos, El Ministerio del Tiempo’s popularity has gradually grown, becoming the first national cult series in Spain. What began as a utopian fantasy (A series about time travel? Are you crazy?!) for the teams who worked on the first series, has been borne-out with well-deserved recognition in the second. We hope there are many more to come and that USER t38 will be involved in all of them.


About the Speakers:


David Heras is the VFX Supervisor at User t38. His professional journey began in visual effects in 1998. He has spent more than a decade as an operator in both commercials and film, and has worked on hundreds of videos and short films in addition to 10 full-length features. His professionalism and great work in postproduction was confirmed with the Goya nomination for Best Visual Effects for INTRUDERS in 2012 and for Open Windows in 2014. Thanks to his experience, the planning for the effects in el Ministerio del Tiempo has been a resounding success.


Javier Pacin is the 3D Supervisor at USER t38, where he is responsible for quality control of shots requiring 3D. His professional life began more than 10 years ago when he started working as a freelancer for companies such as Telson, Evasion, Infinia, Cúbica, Miopía, Free Your Mind, Serena and USER T38 amongst others, making commercials and films for big names such as Mercedes, Movistar, El Corte Inglés, Cruzcampo, Loreal and TNT, to name just a few.

A large part of the film work he has been involved with is with USER T38, initially working on Verbo as a 3D operator and later as 3D supervisor on IntrudersMindscapeOpen WindowsEl Club de los Incomprendidos and Gernika, in addition to series such as el Ministerio del Tiempo. He has also contributed to on-set supervision for both commercials and film; either on a one-off basis or for the whole shoot, such as on Open Windows.

Javier Pacin y David Heras3D and VFX Supervisors

About USER T38:

User T38 was founded in Madrid in 2001 and conceived as a production company and postproduction, graphic design, traditional animation, 3D and conceptual design studio.

Always looking to innovate in postproduction and VFX, USER T38 has had the opportunity to work with leading Spanish production companies and prestigious internationally renowned directors such as Guillermo Del Toro, Alejandro AmenábarJim JarmuschMilos FormanSteven Soderbergh, Antonio BanderasJuan Carlos Fresnadillo and Jaume Collet-Serra.

USER T38’s production design, in addition to film postproduction, can be seen in box office hits in the Spanish market such as Pan’s Labyrinth, Agora, Alatriste, Intruders (nominated for the Goya for Best Visual Effects in 2012), Mama, Mindscape, Open Windows (nominated for the Goya for Best Visual Effects in 2015), Automata, Torrente 5 and Gernika, to be released at the next Festival de Málaga and for which we recreated all the explosions endured by the village of Gernika (Guernica). Additionally, Non Stop and Run All Night are just some of the productions we have contributed to for the international market.

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