Acting in Animation

This talented and experienced Animation Director from Walt Disney Animation Studios will explain her point of view and experience in the Art of Acting in Animation.

Walt Disney Animation Studios: Art of Animation:

Character Animators have the unique opportunity to create a range of performances with a variety of characters. From broad comedy to heartfelt emotion, animators bring characters to life with their acting choices. Becky Bresee (animation supervisor “Frozen”, animator “Big Hero 6” and “Zootopia”), Walt Disney Animation Studios, will share her approach to animation using a sample of some of her favorite scenes from “Tangled”, “Frozen”, “Big Hero 6”, and “Zootropolis”.

Rebecca Bresee:

(Head of Animation) works with the animation team to achieve the best possible character performances. Since joining Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1996, she has worked as an animator on a host of feature films, including “Dinosaur,” “Treasure Planet,” “Chicken Little,” “Meet the Robinsons,” “Bolt,” “Tangled,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Big Hero 6,” and “Zootopia.” She served as Animation Supervisor on “Frozen”, in which she paid special attention to Anna, ensuring that the performance reflected her optimistic and fearless personality.

A native of Oneonta, New York, Bresee’s lifelong interest in art and a passion for all things Disney inspired her to pursue a career in animation. She earned a degree in fine arts from Geneseo State in New York, and attended Sheridan College for animation.

Becky BreseeHead of Animation
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