Hampa Studio

Opportunities for all profiles: Rig, Modelado, Texturas

About the company:

Hampa Studio is an Animation Studio and Production Company. We produce our own projects or co-produce outside projects with other production companies, as long as we like the stories. With this same philosophy we provide animation production services for Advertising Agencies, Companies and Production Companies.

Hampa Studio was officially established as an animation studio since 2006, but our story really began in 1997 when we were born as a multimedia and illustration studio. Hampa works with companies, agencies, studios and organizations around the world to create complete art, animation and production solutions to suit their needs. Our custom projects are built from the ground up to maximize relevance and ease of use for your users while still looking great.

After the development process, our team makes sure that everything continues to operate to the highest standards. We work to create a product that both we and our clients can be proud of and excel beyond their own expectations, this allows us to take on the entire process of an animation creation request from idea directly to screens.

Hampa Studio can quickly adapt to the challenges of today’s market, focusing on the quality and application of new technologies, such as stereoscopic 3D, interactivity, augmented reality, applications … etc.

Recruiter Yoel Smedema

Opportunities for all profiles: Rig, Modelado, Texturas
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