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Seeing is more than believing. Seeing facilitates communication. It incites better decision-making. It gives the power to anticipate and solve problems before they rear their ugly heads.

Founded in 2002 by Ron Frankel, Proof is dedicated to providing the highest quality visualization services for the feature film and immersive entertainment industries. From the earliest days of development to the final hours of delivery, our talented artists help clients tell their stories and realize their visions. We do it by combining our expertise in visual storytelling with our years of experience working alongside some of the finest talent from the worlds of entertainment, art, and architecture.

Whether it’s a major motion picture, a large scale multi-media installation, a commercial or a concert our balanced mix of visual artistry and technical skill ensures that our work is as accurate as it is evocative. Seeing is more than believing. Seeing is Proof.

Recruiter: Benjamin Riehl

Open to any professional profiles
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