Bay Raitt

As Creature Facial Lead at “Weta Digital”, Bay Raitt was responsible for modelling and building the facial system for the CGI character “Gollum” in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. In 2003, Bay received a Visual Effects Society Award for ‘best character animation in a live action motion picture’ for his work on creating Gollum. Bay started his career at working for Steve Oliff doing color separations for early issues of Spawn, The Pitt and The Maxx for Image Comics. In 1994, Bay joined “Protozoa” where he worked as a digital puppeteer, modelling lead, animation supervisor, animation director and assistant director on the video game ‘Squeezils’. In 1997, Nichimen Graphics hired Bay as product manager to help redesign of the 3D animation system, ‘Mirai’ which he subsequently used to on Gollum. In 1999; Bay emmigrated to New Zealand to join Weta Digital. Most Recently worked at Weta Workshop as a designer and sculptor, before being hired by Valve Corporation, making his debut in the video game industry with the lauded Half-Life sequel.

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