Carles Puigdollers

VFX Supervisor. He started in 2008 as a 3D generalist in advertising for companies such as Montaje de Mozart and LaCosa. In 2012 he was a founding partner of Magno Entertainment, where, among many projects, he was VFX supervisor and editor for ‘Capa Caída’.

In 2015 he joins the MAGO Productions team as Render Lead for the ‘Flying Squirrels’ production, which he followed his work as Pipeline, Layout and Environments Supervisor on the same companie’s “Tin y Tan” production. Since 2018 he has been part of El Ranchito, initially as a CFX artist for the production ‘John Wick: Chapeter 3-Parabellum’. After several more projects, in 2022, he becomes the VFX Supervisor.

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      19:00 CET
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