Deneb Sabater

Deneb Sabater Ventura, from the broadcast area, made the leap to the animation sector in an endearing animation studio in Valencia, Hampa Studio in 2008. Since then he has developed his professional career in this sector at an international level.

It begins with the 2D animation short film “Margarita, una aventura mágica”, where he also carries out small advertising projects, television series pilots along with the production of the preschool series “Shadownsters” by Hampa Studio. He is also involved in the production of the internationally known television series “Talking Tom and Friends” by Arx Anima. In his career, he intersperses a serious game project with different work methodologies.

His career is developed in the production department managing all kinds of projects for television series, video games, advertising and films.

In terms of film projects, he has produced The Thinklab’s “Deep”. And as Production Manager in the project “Klaus” for Netflix from The Spa Studios.

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