Virginie Bourdin

Virginie is the creative director of the Art of Direction Company specialised in visual development for film pre-production. A company, which has successfully completed few major productions such as Captain Marvel, Jurassic world 2, & Assassins Creed amongst other visual entertainment projects.

She gathers tailored pools of international artists, creating a flexible hybrid virtual art and in location art department able to answer to the most demanding high-end productions. This allows her to satisfy an insatiable curiosity for novelty, creative processes and her love for storytelling design. The Art of Direction is currently actively creating for some Netflix original movies and animation since opening a studio branch in Barcelona this year.

In the past, Virginie has been the MPC VFX art director for almost ten years and has made the VFX concept artist an official job title in London. She worked for over 30 movies with concept artists and VFX artists from pitch to post production.

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