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See you at La Salle campus Barcelona’s Assembly Room on November 18.

Carrer dels Quatre Camins, 30, 08022 Barcelona

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11:00 CET
Registration closed On Friday 18 November we will meet students of 3D animation cycles with María Güemes and Albert García, two young people who have studied animation and VFX and...
16:00 CET
During the talk I will explain what it is and how to become a character designer and the way to learn to be one. I will also talk about the...
17:30 CET
Marvel’s Moon Knight represented a range of exciting storytelling challenges, from introducing an all-new hero to the MCU to populating his strange new world with anthropomorphic jackals, hippo-headed goddesses and...
19:00 CET
The conference focuses on the evolution of El Ranchito’s work methodology for the creation and integration of hyper-realistic creatures for film and television. We will also talk about the company...
20:30 CET
The Mill’s director of experience (Europe), Alessandro Pula discuss will explain us How does the creative process works when working with brands that want to use creative technology to tell...

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