13:00 CEST
Meet ILM’s Recruitment Team, find out more about our studios and the qualities we look for in our Artists.
16:30 CEST
When NVIDIA introduced Omniverse Enterprise, Azken understood its strategic nature for some industries where the pandemic had accentuated the already growing demand for collaboration and interaction between teams. Omniverse is...
18:00 CEST
The presence at the office was assimilated by all of us as something positive and necessary. Covid-19 modified this need out of obligation, altering the status quo of the animation...
10:00 CEST
InclusionFX is a platform designed to support and amplify underrepresented voices in the VFX/Game Industries. Our mission is to bring to light those “black unicorns” who had survived and thrived...
12:00 CEST
In this talk, Ferran Piquer, VFX supervisor, will tell us everything related to the design, filming, animation and execution of VFX for the creation of monsters in Álex de la...

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